STEAK FEED (for donation)
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(主催はアメリカペンドルトン市の若者で、そのリーダーはKate O'Berg)
Pendleton fund raising steak feed May 13
ペンドルトン市民の皆さまの変わらぬフレンドシップと 温かい思いやりに深く感謝いたします。
義援金チャリティパーティ 義捐金チャリティパーティ 義捐金チャリティパーティ
* I hope this finds all of you safe and well. All of us in Pendleton are praying for you and our Sister city residents.
*We are trying to figure out what we can do to help. It is awful what all of you have had to go through.
*We are so sorry for what has happened, but also very glad that you and your family are okay.

*I have said a lot of prayers for all of you and now I can breath a little easier.
*We would like to send our students over sometime in the near future, when life
there bets back to normal. Again our thoughts and prayers are with you and
everyone in our sister city.
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