The present circumstances of Minamisoma, May
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The shinshoji temple stands in the shopping district, going through the temple gate. You can see the main temple and Belfry first.
This temple is dedicated to Nyoirin Kannon Bosatsu. The priest of this temple temporarily keeps the remains of the dead persons
killed in the earthquake and Tsunami.
The supermarket Furesuco Kikuchi reopened a shop on April 30, and Yoku Benimal also did on May 4.
Every day they are crowded with a lot of shoppers. One of the vocal's group in Tokyo titled " the executive ; Shibuya, we'll do
what we can do now " had entertainment for supporting the victims in Haramachi.
reopen Medical Institution
Haramachi Chuo san-fujinka Clinic, Minamisoma Municipal General hospital, Watari naika clinic, Kashima Kosei hospital, Tamura naika clinic, Furido Junkanki-ka clinic, Koizumi clinic, Onoda hospital, Watanabe hospital, Omachi hospital, Tanabe clinic, Shiina brain nerve surgery, Shindo clinic, Shinoki hospital, Komaba naika hospital, Kanno kids clinic, Ogata mental clinic, Higuchi clinic, Onoda naika clinic,Tokiwa seikei-geka, Sugawara hospital, Ishihara clinic, Haramachi Shinryo naika clinic, have all reopened.
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