The present circumstances of Minamisoma, June
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Fixed Geiger counter
The Reconstruction Project by planting Himawari / Sunflower
The greater part of the farmland was almost completely destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and itfs still now in destructive circumstances. However we have to struggle against adversity.We visited the graves for the earthquake victims and vowed that we would rise up from adversity, and we would do what we can do now. First of all wefll do the Himawari Project. The representative of the executive of the group made an address like this, the 230 people including volunteers sowed the field seven ha. wide with sunflower in June 18. The seed of sunflower was sent from all parts of the country. This is our work toward reconstruction of a local farming.
The Local Agriculture of rice farming
The Original Dollfs Exhibition.

The original dolls by Ms. Sui Shimizu in Haramachi-ku are being shown at Meijo-kan in Haramachi. The title is g Hidamari-poppo-no-kazoku, Anokoroh It means g I long for the good old days .....a warm-hearted family like a sunny place.h She wanted to express the lifestyle from the twenties to the thirties of the Showa era (1945~1955). She made these dolls with pieces of Japanese kimono cloth, and the scenes are an old style rice planting and a wedding parade in those days. She wrote poetry about her hometown destroyed by the earthquake. And she put her poem each of them. (until June 27)

The statue Kannon with eleven faces
Minamisoma Junior Chorus Ensemble.
MJC ensemble is a chorus group organized by the seventeen Junior and senior high school students, who love to sing in chorus and were in Namie and Minamisoma in Fukushima prefecture. They had practiced to take part in the national chorus contest in August of this year, but the sudden earthquake and the nuclear disaster ruined their hope. The seventeen students took shelter apart in and around Fukushima prefecture. But now, they canft give up their idea of participation to the contest, and they come to Haramachi once a month and they practice chorus at Meijo-kan. Although they donft have enough time and their circumstances are limited, they are making an effort at singing. g We hope our songs will encourage all people who supported us,h they said.
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