The present circumstances of Minamisoma, 2012
January A New Year’s Fair at Tunogawara in Kashima-ku
にほんご A New Year’s Fair at Tunogawara in Kashima-ku
Mental care group by psychiatrists and volunteers, they had a New Year Fair at a Mae-kawahara Gym in Kashima-ku on January 8.They had a mental care area for unwell person who lived a temporary housing and also they served attendance the Japanese food, Oden, Niku-man, crepe and ama-sake.The people enjoyed games and face painting with foreigners. They also enjoyed the Japanese drum performance. It was a good event for the people living in shelters.
Facebook Eco- Housing development Plan in Minamisoma
Fukushima prefecture and Minamisoma city are planning a model housing development, which is “a smart community” utilized reuse energy in the central of Minamisoma.They will build about two hundred houses including detached houses in three places in Minamisoma and they will be offered to the people who lost their houses by tsunami. In these housing area the solar energy or a wind power generation will be used and an electric power will be supplied to all houses in this housing development.This will be a progressive case as a “ eco-town “ in Japan.
  Odaka Commercial high school and Odaka Technical high school have theirown temporary school building as satellite schools.
Odaka Commercial high school, which has satellite schools at Fukushima C.H.S. and Soma Higashi H.S., will have a new temporary school building at Haramachi high school yard.On the other hand Odaka Technical high school divided the five satellite schools of Nihonnmatsu T.H.S. Koriyama-kita T.H.S., Aizu T H.S., Taira T H.S. and Soma H.S.The students will begin to study at a temporary school building on April of this year, which is under the construction at Minamisoma baseball ground.
  A meeting room called Salon has opened at a temporary housing in Kashima
  A meeting room called Salon has opened at a temporary housing in Kashima
A volunteer group in Minamisoma, “Tsunagappe Minamisoma”(Let’s unite Minamisoma), opened a healing area at a meeting room in a first temporary housing in Kashima on January 7. Every day except Mondays opens from 9 4 p.m. The staff service tea and cakes.The volunteer group wanted the people who lived in the temporary housing to think positive while talking with each other at a healing area like this. People looked so happy to enjoy Karaoke, massage machine and chatting.
  A Lecture meeting & a reading books to children by Mr. Artthur Binard
    A Lecture meeting & a reading books to children by Mr. Artthur Binard
    The American poet who lives in Japan, and he also a picture book writer and a translator, visited Minamisoma for a lecture meeting and a reading books for kids at a library in January 15.He introduced some picture books of America and England in fluent Japanese. About fifty kids were listening to his stories earnestly, and they looked so happy to answer his questions.The title of his lecture was “Fortune in, Plutonium out.” He stressed in his lecture that we should watch a dreadful radioactive and beware of the ambiguous phrases.A man who attended his lecture meeting said that it was very beneficial to him.
  Presented a picture book “ MILAI” to us from angelic kids in Paris,
  Presented a picture book “ MILAI” to us from angelic kids in Paris, France
“The Project MILAI”, the supporting activities organization in France, presented a lot of copies of an original picture book which was full of heart-warming words to Minamisoma International Association office.They asked us to give them to Japanese kids.The staff of the office gave them to the kids who gathered in the library for Binard’s reading-book corner. In the book there were smiling kids’ pictures, illustrations and hearty messages from kids. Every child who was given the book looked so happy.
  Anti-nuclear World Meeting exchanged of views
    Anti-nuclear World Meeting exchanged of views with the Minamisoma citizen’s group in Minamisoma
    An international conference by citizens groups was held in January14 and 15in Yokohama city. The title was ” Ant-nuclear world meeting 2012 YOKOHAMA”.
    The six groups, including Peace Boat, hosted. 120 people from among the attendance visited disaster area in Minamisoma and took part in exchanging of views with Minamisoma citizens group. There were more than ten thousand participants in this conference in YOKOHAMA.