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  sistercity exchange program   Sister city exchange program
Minamisoma students' report in their Sister City, Pendleton, Oregon-America.
  CANADA JAPAN CLOTH LETTERS   The present circumstances of Minamisoma 2011
After the big East Japan Earthquake, 2011.5-2011.12 in multilanguage..

  Yotsuba nursery   The present circumstances of Minamisoma 2012 in multi-language
Recovery and support activity, temporary housing and schools etc.
  English Assistant teacher   English Assistant teachers .
Introduction of the English teachers in Minamisoma city .
East earthquake-related information
Minamisoma city Revitalization Plan
  Seminar on Radiation and its Effects on our Health (outside link)  
free bike
Minamisoma's sistercity, Pendleton
Sistercity exchange program
  sistercity exchange  
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