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To all the victims of the Great East Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami and to all those affected by the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, my heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. My name is Carmela Amurao. I am a Filipina who has lived in Japan for about two years now. I was also in Minami Soma city when the series of disasters occured on March 11. At the time, me and my mother was at the Haramachi Branch of 77 Bank. All of a sudden, we felt a strong shaking. It was as if the ceiling was going to fall on us and the glasses were going to crack. It was the largest earthquake we have ever experienced in our lives. That earthquake, which lasted for a few minutes, brought forth the closest vision of hell we can ever get.
Due to the series of nuclear disasters at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, my family and I were forced to evacuate to Fukushima City on March 12. As the nuclear problem got worse, we fled to Narita City and finally went home to the Philippines on the 22nd of March. In the interim, there were shortages of food, water and gasoline all over the disaster stricken land of Northeastern Japan. Indeed, no one ever expected the magnitude of devastation generated by the disasters. However, what was more surprising than the catastrophe was how the Japanese people dealt with the situation. They displayed a great ability to maintain social order even when the world seemed to be crumbling upon them. They remained calm, disciplined and organized. I have witnessed with my own eyes how people lined up patiently in front of supermarkets, relief efforts and gas stations for important commodities even when they knew that supplies might run out before they get their turn. There was not even a single case of looting. They managed to retain strong social control. As a foreigner, I am filled with admiration, great respect and hope having witnessed how altruistic and determined Japanese people were amid catastrophe. It is indubitable that Japan is a great country. I strongly believe that it is well on its road to recovery.
On July 2nd, I came back to Japan filled with optimism and determined to do my part in the recovery of Japan. Hang in there Japan! Hang in there Tohoku!
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