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Minamisoma and Pendleton Sister City Exchange 2006 garrett
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The moment I stepped off of that gruesome plane ride, I was hit like a wave. My eyes ware set on the scenery the people and objects I've never seen. The smells were wonderfully sweet. I could hear birds' lovely calls that I've never heard. The temperature was mostly warm even though that it would rain.

Since I've seen scenery was a site to behold. Statues that were hand carved and built with such delicacy. The people in Japan always it seemed to have smiles on their face and willing to help if it was possible.

garrett and Japanese drum
I stayed with two awesome families. The first family I stayed with was Mr. Kimura even though I only got to stay with him one week, he made sure it was eventful. He let me try new foods like norimaki, miso soup, and sushi. He taught me Japanese customs and some words.

The second family I stayed with was Mr. and Mrs. Asada and their three kids. Even thought they did not speak as much English as my other family they still found some ways to communicate with me. They learned from me as I learned from them. They showed me new places and they also tried to teach me words. Some words I could remember and some just blew right over my head. My thanks goes out to these two wonderful families who hosted me for the three weeks.
garrett's hostfamily
With weird looking toilets, sleeping on the floor, a constant change of shoes and new customs and Japanese rules I can't wait to take back all the information I learned and tell friends and family what I learned plus I might continue to use some of this customs in the U.S. Thanks to everyone who made it possible to enjoy this trip.
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