David Tacoronte せんせい  

Hello there!
My name is David Tacoronte. I am 23 years old and come from America. I came to Japan in August as part of the JET Programme.

My hometown is Miami, Florida, where I studied Psychology and Philosophy at a local university. I am currently an Assistant Language Teacher at Odaka Junior highschool, Fukuura Elementary school, and Mano Elementary school. I think Minamisoma is a great city with friendly people.
I hope to stay here a few years before I continue studying psychology. Some of my interests include: playing guitar and drums, auto-mechanics, and doing research.

I love Japanese culture and language as well as teaching students. I hope to be able to teach many students English in Minamisoma, so they can experience a new foreign language and culture. I also love to volunteer! I try to volunteer on my free weekends in Odaka or helping ‘The Save Minamisoma Project’.

If you see me, please don’t be afraid to say “Hello!”

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