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Minamisoma and Pendleton Sister City Exchange 2006 aprilname
aprilYou're going, I remember my principal, Mr.Lovell, saying these words to me one February afternoon. I was completely ecstatic to find this out and then very curious to learn how this excursion might change me. I feel so blessed to have been chosen for this trip and for the chance to represent Pendleton. So firstly, I would like to thank the selection committee for choosing me to taking the vacation of my dreams.
There was a lot of preparation for this trip and as the departure date drew nearer, I grew more and more anxious. The morning soon came that we were to leave from Portland airport and I wasn't exactly sure that I could get on that plane. My extreme fear of flying was prohibiting me from taking the trip of a lifetime. I knew that I couldn't do that to myself, so I gathered up my nerves and hopped on the next plane to Japan.

One thing in particular that I will never forget is the day we went surfing. It was very recent so that the whole experience is fresh in my mind. I was slightly worried for what lied ahead that morning. It was rainy and I didn't want to fall off the surfboard and I was also anxious to wear a super tight wetsuit.

host familyAs a closing note, I would like to thank my host family. I don't want it to seem like they are least important because they are at the end of this, but rather, I want it to be known how much they mean to me. I feel extremely blessed to have stayed with the Sakuma's. They have all been extremely hospitable and flexible for me. I have appreciated all of the help they have provided me, the food they've shared with me and the memories they've given me. Thank you to the Sakuma's for all that you have done.
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